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Blueprint Printing Services

Quality Printing can keep your project on track

As an architect, contractor, home builder, or interior designer, it can be difficult to find a facility that can quick- ly get blueprints printed on the best engineering bond to meet your needs. But at QPS, our large format printers are ready to do just that. In color or black and white we are ready to serve you.

When you are building or renovating a property, your contractor will need a set of detailed blueprints. Since your blueprints will form the basis of your architectural design, it is of the utmost importance that they are carefully prepared. Upload your PDF files here through our site and we will:

  • Print complete sets
  • Print just the pages in the digital set you need.

Need plan sets as well as bound specification docs to submit to the city or county for permits. QPS can have them all printed and bound and waiting for you to meet your busy schedule.

Some tips about submitting digital files

Upload your files below and give us a description of your print needs and when you will need your project. Upload by dragging your plans onto the page and dropping them. Plans with special characters in their file names (#@%&*) may not upload. Rename and remove the characters before uploading. QPS recommends only sending in PDF files for printing. Other file formats do not always hold the scale on the page correctly. PDF files hold there size and have the best chance of staying to scale. Be sure to flatten your digital files before submit- ting them. Some CAD programs will show layers of the file on the screen, but wont print if the files are not flattened when they are saved as a PDF. Flattening is the process of combining all layers of the file into one image.

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Make the workmanship surpass the materials.

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Blue Prints and Engineering prints are printed on 20/50# bond. Plan files for print are suggested to be PDF files. This ensures your files print to scale and how they are viewed on your system is how they will print on ours. Files submitted with special characters in the file name may not upload correctly. (#,@,+,*, are examples of special characters) Please supply files as Pdf's. Paper: 20# Bond Ink: Black
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