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Check your Folding Options Before Proceeding

Please give us as many details about your project as possible. If you have art work for the project you are requesting a quote for, upload it for us to take a look at so we can give you an accurate quote.

For the best quality of your project convert any files you want printed to PDF format. Most recent versions of popular graphics software (even Microsoft Word) have an option to create a PDF file of a document. If you are using a Mac, this functionality is even built in to recent versions of the OS, and available through the print dialog in any application. Using PDF files eliminates the need to include all linked files, fonts, etc.

  • If you are scanning photos, it is important to consider how you will be outputting them. For offset printing or printing on a digital press, a good rule of thumb is to scan photos at 300dpi or higher and set them for CMYK output.
  • If you are using output from a digital camera, it is important to consider resolution requirements of the output device on which your project will be printed. For best results, set your camera to the highest quality setting possible.

Quality Printing Services Inc. has been listening to its customers and fine-tuning its service mix for over 25 years. We want to be our clients one stop solution for all their operational and print marketing needs. QPS is proud to be able to offer scalable print solutions for companies big or small at affordable prices. QPS is the convenient solution to all your printing and direct mail needs. From forms to business cards, signs to direct mail campaigns, menus to blueprints, QPS has a cost effective solution for you.

Whatever the nature of your business or organization, we can help with all your document requirements. Is there a place for ink-jet printers and off-the-glass color copies? Sure – small quantities, when quality isn’t critical, when paper choice isn’t important, or when bindery options are not required. If you want to send ten letters with a family picture, or produce a newsletter for six employees, these methods are perfect.

But, if you want to:

  • Send professional-looking mailers to customers, printed full-color
  • Quickly produce 2,000 product or sell sheets for a trade show – by tomorrow
  • Put together 7,500 16-page product catalogs or booklets
  • Upgrade your newsletter to brilliant full color
  • Create eye-catching posters and banners for an event or cause
  • Use a custom printing option to stand out from the crowd
  • Get volume printing discounts but don’t have the space to store the materialSend professional-looking mailers to customers, printed full-color

Then Quality Printing Services Inc. is for you!

Use this form to tell us about your order and upload your art work.

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