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What is Direct Mail Fulfillment Services?

Direct mail campaigns and Direct mail fulfillment are different in that a direct mail campaign is usually a one off mailing. Direct mail fulfillment is when a large quantity of lets say postcards are printed to save on volume discounts. Than the printer warehouses them and mails them on a schedule. In order to drum up more customers.

Businesses are willing to try a lot of different things. A lot of things that are tried end up not working and it can be rather discouraging. Direct mail is tried and tested and still has positive results. It generates awareness of your com-pany , product or service that you are offering. The intended customer or client opens up their mailbox, engages with the marketing as they hold it in their hands, which in the end leads them to contact you. This is what direct mail services are all about.

Direct mail services are rarely done by companies in-house. The process of organizing, packing, and sending mail on a daily basis is a very time-consuming task and takes up a lot of resources. This is why companies are best off outsourcing their direct mail needs to a direct mail fulfillment provider such as QPS.
So who needs these services? Small businesses and large businesses alike can benefit from partnering with a provider like QPS. Lists can be generated from existing clients, or you can purchase a list and dial it in to a specific audience. Some of the criteria you can use is, household income, home size, renters versus owners, number of auto-mobiles in a home. Businesses that have more than 10 employees, gross reported income, number of locations.

Arguably the strongest reason, scalability is extremely important. If you worked with a direct mail fulfillment provider and a time came when you wanted to increase or decrease the amount of mail being sent and your provider isn’t flexible, then you would have to start from scratch with a different company. QPS scales with you and your needs.

Reach out to us with any questions and let QPS share how we can help to grow your business.

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